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NEW "Completely Unbiased" POS Software Buyer's Guide and Comparison Chart for Clothing Stores Will Show You...

"How to Make More Money by Choosing the Right POS Software for Your Clothing & Apparel Store"

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Did you know that the right POS software for clothing and apparel stores can increase your profits by 5%, 10%, and even 15%? When you buy the right POS software you will increase store profits with:

Customer service and upselling features. The right clothing software enables you to track customer buying, access this information with the touch of a button, and make suggestions based on prior purchases.

Staff management features. The right POS software for clothing stores gives you ability to instantly calculate sales staff commissions, which arms you with important information. Now you can make floor staff changes or implement immediate steps to motivate sales staff.

Customer marketing opportunities. The right apparel industry software enables you to instantly send targeted promotions directly to customers announcing a discount, a sale, or a special event.

Inventory features. Streamline your inventory. This profit building feature makes it easy for you to track inventory and instantly order from your supplier when stock is running low.

Control inventory shrinkage. Access to a variety of reports like "voided/deleted sales reports," "returned transactions reports," and "inventory adjustments reports," make it easy to tell when something fishy is going on.

This is only a small list of the hundreds of profitable benefits that you will find when you choose the right POS for the clothing and apparel industry. Not choosing industry specific software is one of the many mistakes retailers make when buying POS software.

Not Choosing The Right POS Software For Your Clothing Store Can Actually Cost You Money.

Yes, it's a proven fact that POS software can make you more money and save you loads of time. But at the same time, if you choose the wrong POS system, you can actually waste very large amounts of time and money.

When it comes to point of sale software there isn't a one size fits all solution. Many retailers have told me that they made their point of sale decision based on advice from an associate that used the software only to then later regret their decision.

Did you know that some POS systems don't have the inventory features you need to manage all your different colors and sizes of merchandise?

Most retail businesses don't need to worry about this. But an apparel retailer is different. They need to be able to easily track different colors, sizes, and styles for all their clothing merchandise.

If your POS software doesn't have the right kind of matrixing features to handle this, you'll waste countless hours of time creating additional sku numbers, searching for products, and managing your inventory. Matrixing is just one example a must have and big time saving feature.

In fact, clothing retailers generally need more features than a typical retail business. So it's important that you find something that will handle your needs, so you don't become frustrated later on.

Here are just a few more important features for an apparel store:

  • Electronic ordering interfaces that work with your apparel industry suppliers (this can be a big time saver).

  • Someone familiar with your industry that knows how to set up the software for an apparel store.

  • Customer loyalty features like loyalty cards, frequent buyer points, and so on.

  • An easy way to adjust prices for rack and sidewalk sales.

  • An easy way to set discounts for a specified time so the sales automatically expire after the designated time.

  • Fast credit card authorization for the savvy shopper that expects fast service.

  • An easy way track and handle layaways.

  • View sales history by colors, sizes, and styles sold, so you know which color and style you should be ordering more of.

  • Website integration that allows you to sell products on the internet. And will also handle your various sizes, colors, and styles that you'll want visitors to be able to select on your website. Not all website shopping carts will handle this.

  • If you offer clothing on consignment, you'll need special features to track and handle those situations.

  • Easily track special orders.

  • Built in sales commission tracking so it's easy to implement incentive plans.

  • Handle quantity discounts so your cashiers can easily remember can calculate things like two for one discounts.

  • Track excessive returns by employees.

  • And much more.

These are just a few features you need to consider when choosing your apparel POS software. And you might not realize that only a small percentage of the POS software packages will offer these features that you'll probably want.

Not to mention, buying the wrong software means that you might:

  • Have to deal with software that is constantly crashing or functioning improperly. This can be frustrating and it can also cause you sales -- no customer likes to wait while you try to repair your software. I always feel so badly for retailers that spend money on a POS software clothing system only to find that they spend more time fixing the software than actually using it.

  • Have to deal with replacing the software when the company goes out of business.

  • Spend your valuable time on the telephone with tech support because the software was installed incorrectly.

    Not choosing the right POS software for clothing stores will also cost you:

    Valuable time handling administrative tasks that the right point of sale retail clothing software could handle for you automatically, time you could be spending making more sales.

    Valuable customer service tools like real time layaway tracking, instant access to customer information and purchase history, and the ability to take returns without receipts because your system has recorded the purchase digitally.

    Sales associates will miss valuable upselling opportunities. If, for example, a customer enters the store looking for an item that is out of stock, a quick check of your inventory on your POS software for clothing stores will show you what complimentary products are available.

    Missed client marketing opportunities. Client management and marketing features enable retailers to send targeted letters, emails, and direct mailers to their customers based on demographics and past purchases.

    Key profit margins. The right POS software clothing system enables you as a retailer to easily determine which products are your fastest sellers and at what price point. This makes it easier to find that "magic price point" that allows you to maximize profits.

    Costly pricing mistakes. The right POS clothing software means that you don't have to rely on your employees to calculate the price of items. The computer has already done this, and your sales tax, and any discounts that may be applied.

    Relationships with suppliers. Armed with reports that demonstrate profit margins from competing products, suppliers will be encouraged to negotiate prices with you.

    Here's Exactly What You Need To Succeed and Choose the Right POS Software for Your Apparel Store:
    When choosing the right POS software clothing retail system means the difference between increasing your profits or losing money, you want to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to make a profitable decision.

    The POS Software Buyer's Guide was developed specifically for owners and managers of retail, clothing, apparel, and accessory stores. It is designed to give you all of the information that you need to help you make the right POS software decision for your business.

    To learn more and get a copy of the buyers guide, go to:

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