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If You Don't Protect Your Computer From Hackers Now,
You'll Hate Yourself Later

- By Bob Twain

Did you know that you could have a virus or a "hacker program" sitting on your computer and not even know it!

That's exactly what happened to a retail business owner that I know.

His computer was running really slow and it locked up more than normal. He tried rebooting the computer and removing some old programs but nothing worked. After hours of frustration, he decided to call a computer technician and have him take a look.

To his surprise, the technician found "rejected porno emails" hiding on his hard drive. Someone hacked into his computer and used it to forward "pornographic" spam email!

The computer technician tried to fix the problem, but he couldn't get rid of all the hacks and viruses. He finally gave up and reinstalled Windows on all 4 computers. The entire computer system was down for 2 days!

Computers get infected more often than you think. I know 2 other people that suffered from the same type of attack. Not to mention, my home computer receives several hack attempts every day!

Hackers will scan the internet looking for vulnerable computers. Once hackers get into your computer they might copy files, delete files, snoop around for hidden passwords, or co-opt your PC and use it to launch attacks on commercial servers.

If you use an "always on" internet connection like DSL, Cable, or T-1 you're at the most risk. But even if only use a simple "dial up" connection you're at risk to viruses and possibly stolen personal information.

How to Stop Hackers and Keep Your Computer Secure

Many hackers will break into your system by taking advantage of "security holes" in your Windows operating system.

You can fix many of these "security holes" by keeping your Windows operating system up to date. You can update windows by visiting:

Even though updating Windows regularly will help stop some security breaches, it won't stop everyone. To fully protect your computer you need to install a "firewall". A firewall, when combined with a good anti-virus program helps stop unauthorized access on your computer and prevents virus infections.

McAffee, BlackICE, Sygate, Norton and Zone Alarm all offer excellent software firewalls. You can buy them on the internet or at your local office supply store.

I personally use Norton's Firewall and Anti-Virus software because they received good reviews from and

I recently bought Norton's Personal Firewall 2003 and I got a pretty good deal. I bought it for $33.95 at (They usually offer very low software prices.)

In summary, here's exactly how to fully protect your computer system:

Step 1 - Install up to date "anti-virus software" on every computer that has internet access or receives email.

Step 2 - Install a "software firewall" on every computer that is permanently connected to the internet.

Step 3 - Configure your anti-virus and firewall software to update automatically. (Anti-virus software will be useless if you don't update it regularly.)

You can analyze the security of your web connection for free by going to:

If you're not protected, invest in some good anti-virus and firewall software before it's too late!

To Your Success.

Bob Twain

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