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"How to Find and Choose Java POS Software"

- By Bob Twain

As you search for POS software, you may hear about Java-based software programs. This type of application gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to run on almost any operating system. So if you already have a Linux server, Window, or MAC based system you can be sure that a Java application will run on it.

What is Java Software?

Java software allows you to run applications called "applets" that are written in the Java programming language. This software can be designed to do almost anything from a simple game to a technical and varied point of sale system.

Java was introduced to the public in 1995 with the Netscape Navigator Internet browser, which incorporated Java technology. Now, in its twelfth year, it is estimated that there are over 5 million Java software developers, as well as applications in every major industry. It is just this versatility, efficiency, platform portability, and security that has made it an ideal technology for the retail environment.

Drawbacks to Java

Due to its popularity, flexibility, and history, the Java programming language has been thoroughly refined, tested, and proven by millions of software developers. That being said, there are unfortunately very few POS systems that utilize Java so your choices will be limited.

What to Look For In Your POS System

Ultimately, operating system and programming language aside, you need to determine which POS software package will give you your best return on investment.

  • Look for Industry Specific Software

    There are generic Java point of sale software packages available, but your investment and your business may be better served if you look for an industry designed software package. For example makes Java POS software, which is specific for the retail liquor industry and offers Java POS software for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

    By utilizing industry specific software for your retail establishment, you may end up saving both time and money because the software tasks and applications are designed specifically for you, often eliminating the extra steps that a generic program would require.

  • Consider Available Training and Longevity of Software Manufacturer

    It is extremely important to evaluate the company that you're considering. You need to not only find a company that has been established for several years but you need to look for one that has great support service.

    When you purchase your software product you're not just purchasing a product, you're purchasing a relationship. Consider what might happen if your system goes down in the middle of a busy Saturday morning and your customer support isn't available until Monday. How many sales will you lose? How much money?

    Additionally, it is important that you get the right type of training for your product. It is most helpful to get on site training from, possibly in addition to computer based training, from someone that has experience in your industry and with a company of your size.

  • Consider the Size of Your Company

    Also know that point of sale software packages are designed for the size of your company. To know which packages are optimal for you, first determine what category or 'tier' you fall into. Retailers are categorized into tiers according to the number of employees they have and their annual sales. For more information on the retail tier system visit

    Don't forget to factor potential growth of your company into your consideration. It would be an unfortunate expense to not purchase a software package that you can grow with.

    By first determining your tier, you can then eliminate all Java POS Software that does not cater specifically to your tier. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that 80% of your software product's customers are in the same tier that you are. You can find this out by simply asking your sales representative.

Where to Find Java Pos Software

The real challenge to finding a Java POS software package for your business is to find a searchable index of possible packages. Take heart! There are reliable sources of unbiased information readily available to you.

For more information on point of sale software and specifically Java POS software including a searchable index of software options based on operating systems, industry size, company size and much more, visit

To Your Success!

Bob Twain

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