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2 Critical Things You Must Do With Retail Technology To Grow Your Business

- By Bob Twain

If you want to get the MOST from retail technology and really grow your business, then there are 2 critical things that you must do...

You see, most retailers start using technology (like POS software) and get some nice benefits from the software. For example, they might improve customer service and improve their overall efficiency.

However, almost NONE of the retailers that I meet are doing what they need to truly get the MOST from their POS software and grow their business! In fact, most retailers fall miles and miles short of getting to where they really could go in terms of growth and efficiency.

There are two critical reasons why most retailers fall short:

1) They don't focus on the "critical few" versus the "trivial many".

2) And they don't do whatever it takes to get those "critical few" done!

Now this might sound a little silly and but it's completely true. And I'm going explain what this actually means and tell you how to solve this problem.

You see, too many retailers end up implementing POS software and try doing a little bit of everything (the trivial many). You can do all kinds of things with a POS system and end up spending countless hours implementing a bunch of cool features that will help your business a little bit. Well the truth is that you're much better off to start focusing on the "critical few" features versus the "trivial many" features. Don't get me wrong. You still want a bunch of features available -- because you need a POS system that is flexible and will grow with you.

In order to start focusing on the "critical few", the first thing you need to do is ask yourself... "What are the top 5 most important things I can do that will make my business grow?"

You might say things like... "Well, I need more traffic in my store so I need to... Improve the efficiency of my store operations so I have more time to work on getting people into my store. And I need to improve our customer service so more of my customers come back and give us referrals."

So for example, after asking yourself this question, you might come to the conclusion that the most important things you need to do are:

1) Use your POS software to improve customer service.
2) Use your POS software to improve inventory control and lower costs.
3) Use your POS software to generate more repeat business.
4) Use your POS software to monitor your sales staff's productivity so you don't have to spend so much time watching them.

This helps you get focused. Once you determine the critical few features that you need to implement, start with the first feature and then do whatever it takes to get it implemented. You might have to reconfigure the software, get professional assistance, and change some of your company policies to get it done. But realize that this is going to grow your business and you should work on it everyday until it's done! Don't do what most people do and say I've got too much to do today. I'll work on that later. And then end up saying they same thing 2 years from now! Sound familiar?

So remember to ask yourself this question everyday...

"What are the most important things for me to work on that will grow my business the fastest?"

Don't get yourself bogged down in the trivial tasks. You'll be inundated for the rest of your life! It's really easy to get distracted by the little things and that's why you need to prioritize everyday. Focus on those critical things that will really make a difference in your business. Then delegate the little things or maybe just forget about them!

To Your Success,
Bob Twain

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