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How to Choose Retail POS Software for Windows

- By Bob Twain

Why should you consider Windows based POS software?

First and foremost, you have tons of options!

Most retail POS software solutions are designed to run on Windows. This means you can be really selective and find a POS system that will be a great match for your business. Your choices will be much more limited if you were looking for a system that had to run on something like a MAC.

Second, you get lots of flexibility because frankly most programs run on Windows. So you can easily use other programs in conjunction with your POS software - whether it be your favorite email program, payroll software, or an accounting system.

The biggest drawback to POS software running Windows is the infamous bugs and glitches you can run into.

It's true that Linux and MACs are probably more reliable when you compare them head to head.

However, a properly configured Windows based server can run for months and even years (with a little luck). Note, I mentioned "properly configured" Windows system.

If you have a computer technician that really knows what they're doing and they take precautions to configure your system properly, your Windows server can run for a long time.

Most retailers make mistakes when it comes to this. For retail computer system configuration tips, check this article:

What should you look for when choosing POS Software for Windows?

Ultimately, you need to figure out which POS software will give you the highest return on investment! That's what it's all about.

This will require you to compare features, evaluate the companies service and support, check references, and logically narrow down you top choices from almost thousands of POS systems to just a handful.

Fortunately we offer tools and information to help you narrow down your choices and figure out which POS software will give you your highest return on investment. But this particular article is about POS Software for Windows.

So for now, we'll just focus on some tips when choosing Windows POS software only.

Sorting Through Different Technologies

You'll notice that each POS software program will have different system requirements.

POS software can run on Windows 95, 2000, or XP. Some will only run on Windows XP. And some will run on almost anything because they are Java based or "open platform" systems.

In my opinion, these details are NOT too important!

That's right. You might find this hard to believe but the system requirement are not important.

You see, if you find a really good POS system that requires you to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, you should be willing to upgrade. It will be worth it.

To me, it's more important to consider the database that is running your POS software. There's a very wide range of databases that run on Windows. And some are more reliable, flexible, faster, and scalable than others.

Bottom line... the database is very important and can have a big affect on the reliability of your POS software.

Most people don't realize it but most POS systems run on two different kinds of Windows databases - Desktop Databases and Server Databases.

Generally speaking, Server Databases are MUCH more reliable, faster, and more scalable.

There are tons of different database out there (too many for me to list). Just be sure to check into the database used and make sure it's a good one. If you're unsure about the database, just post your question on our forum and I'll tell you if I know anything about it.

Consider a Mouseless POS

With the advent of Windows 95 most software products have adopted the use of the mouse. Most of us have become very familiar with the mouse because it's required to run our daily applications including word processors, email, the internet and much more.

The mouse is usually great because it's easy to use.

However, the mouse is NOT always the best choice for POS software. Using the mouse will invariably make your point of sale slower. It's much faster to use the keyboard or a touch screen monitor to complete transactions and ring sales.

That's why I suggest finding a POS system that utilizes hot keys. This means you can use the keyboard rather than the mouse to do most things. This will greatly speed up the time your register operator takes to complete transactions.

I'm not saying you'll want to do everything with the keyboard. But you might want to consider using the keyboard for POS transaction to speed up those common tasks.

Where can you find really good POS software that runs on Windows?

I humbly suggest that you use our very own database to quickly find a good windows based POS software solution...

You can easily search based on your type of business and operating system - to find some great POS software solutions! This makes your life much easier and saves time.

Not to mention, you'll get a bunch of other great tips and tools to help you choose a POS system that will give you a giant return on your investment!

To get you hands of the POS software search tool and learn about choosing POS software for Windows, go to:

To Your Success!

Bob Twain

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