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The Secrets to Learning the Real Scoop of a POS System

- By Bob Twain

I want to share some secrets that you NEED to know before you choose a POS system...

Almost every POS software salesmen honestly believes that their software can do almost anything. They truly believe this! So when you ask the salesmen, "Will your POS software allow me to track _____?"

They will almost always say, "YES - that can be done". But what they fail to mention that you have to jump through 15 hoops before you can find that information. Don't get me wrong...

I'm NOT knocking salesmen. You need their help to make your decision and they're valuable resources. I should know, because I was a POS software salesman and then a manager for several years. The point is that their judgment is slightly biased when it comes to certain things. And it should be. Their job is to sell software!

So how do you know what the software will really do for you and how well it really works?

One of the best ways to get the real scoop is to talk with retailers actually using the software on a daily basis. The only problem is...

When you evaluate POS software you will almost never receive unbiased references. Most POS companies try very hard to only give you references that will say good things about their software. Software references are almost always screened and that makes your decision very difficult.

So how do you solve this dilemma?

What you really need are completely unbiased retailers that are using the software and can tell you if this stuff REALLY works. Just because a POS system looks good on paper, doesn't mean that it works in the real world!

To make it easier for you to get the "real scoop" -- I added a new section to my buyers guide called Consumer Reviews of POS Software.. This allows you to hear from completely unbiased retailers that give their HONEST opinion about POS & Retail Management Software.

The POS Reviews section allows you to...

  • Get opinions and comments from over 100 POS Software Reviews so you can find out the truth.

  • View business information about each retailer giving the review.. so you can read about retailers that are the similar to you.

  • Easily find similar retailers using specific software and ask them questions! Many of the retailers that posted reviews also allow you to send them private messages, so you can ask them questions and get inside information that's normally to difficult to learn (until it's too late).

  • You can search the reviews by "software name" or "company name" so you can quickly read reviews about specific POS systems before you make your final choice. This could help avoid making a very expensive mistake.

  • Search the reviews by "Type of Business" so you can find out what similar retailers are using and what they like or dislike about their software. This can be a way for you to very quickly create your shortlist of POS systems to evaluate.

  • View overall rating scores for each POS system.

  • View overall rating scores for each POS Company's service and support.

All the reviews are included with The POS Software Buyers Guide. So if you'd like to check them out, you can learn more about the reviews and the buyers guide here:

To your success.

Bob Twain

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