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"Quickly and Easily Compare Retail POS Software With Our POS Software Buyers Guide"

As part of our buyers guide you have the ability to search and compare hundreds of point of sale systems. Here's how it works...

Step 1 - Use our POS Search Tool to either search for specific software packages -- or specify "filter" criteria so you can find POS systems that meet certain criteria that is important to you.

Step 2 - Select the software packages that you'd like to view and click Compare.

Here's a list of all the software companies include:

Here are all the features that you can search for and compare:

Brief Overview
Company Founded
Software Installs
Vertical Markets Targeted
Size of businesses targeted
Geographic locations supported
Operating platforms supported
Training offered
Database(s) supported

Features Supported

Point of Sale (POS)
Bar code scanning at the POS
Integrated credit card processing/authorization from the POS
Ability to issue, track, and redeem gift certificates from the POS
Customer loyalty card support (ability to swipe and authorize loyalty cards at POS)
Frequent buyer program support (ability to track points for each customer)
Issue, track, and redeem gift cards at POS
Create, track, and view quotes from POS
Integrated gift registry system
Create work orders (repair/service orders)
Create and track customers (name, address, email, etc)
Track and calculate commissions for each sales person
Marketing promotion & advertising campaign tracking (track promotions at the POS so you can tell which ads pull the best)
Integrated (built in) purchasing
Track inventory by category/classification
Track inventory by department
Track inventory by matrix or color/size tables (at least 250 tables)
Track inventory by serial number
Support kits (allows you to group products together and sell them all at once)
Handle gasoline pricing (to 3 decimal places)
Consignment inventory tracking
Handle special order tracking
Automatic purchase order generation based on order levels
Interface to a 3rd party Open to Buy Planning application
Integrated (built in) Open to Buy Planning module
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Integrated (built in) accounts receivable module
Integrated (built in) accounts payable module
Integrated (built in) bank reconciliation
Integrated (built in) general ledger module
Integrated (built in) payroll module
Interface to QuickBooks Accounting software
Interface to Peachtree Accounting software
Interface to MYOB Accounting software
Interface to MAS 90 Accounting software
Interface to Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) Accounting software
Interface to Simply Accounting software
Report generator / writer (ability to create custom reports)
Ability to create mailing lists based on customer demographics and sales history
Customer activity scheduling (ability to schedule phone calls, appointments, and tasks for customers)
Password protection security for each module
Touch screen capabilities
ODBC compliant database (allows you to connect and read the database from other applications like Access, Crystal Reports, etc.)
Multi user (network) support
Network fail safe features (ability to keep ringing sales when network is down)
Multi-store data sharing features (ability to share, view, and update various database information from more than one store location)
Cash drawer support (pops drawer automatically)
Signature capture pad support (for credit card approval)
Stores digital receipt and signature for future retrieval/reprint
Integrated weighing scale (sends the weight of an item to the POS)
Pole display (displays purchase information for the customer to see)
Receipt printer support
Bar code printer (generates barcodes for scanning at POS)
Supports portable hand-held terminals for physical inventory counting
Supports portable hand-held terminals for invoicing/order entry
Integrated MICR check verification support (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)
eCommerce / Shopping Cart Interface
Ability to import eCommerce orders from the website into the POS system
Ability to export inventory information (product number, description, on-hand quantity, price) from the POS software to the website shopping cart
Orders and inventory are updated automatically in real-time (updated almost instantly and does not require manual importing/exporting)
Ablity to integrate with Yahoo Stores
Restaurant Industry Features
Supports Kitchen Video Display
Menu Management Module
Drink Management Module & Reporting
Reservations and Seating Management Module
Ability to Split/Combine Bills
Take-out/Delivery Service Management
CallerID Integration
Delivery Dispatch & Routing
Labor Scheduler and Management Module
Additional Modules
Integrated (built in) work order & service management module (robust work order module that includes ability to track symptoms, requested repairs, work order status, completed repairs, technician, requested service date, delivery date, and so on.)
Integrated rental & reservations module
Integrated service scheduling calendar (ability to schedule services like massages, repairs, on-site services, hair cuts, etc.)

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