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Summary of Winsale software from Magnum Software Systems, Inc.

Brief Description (Provided by Vendor)
WinSale enables you to efficiently run your Shoe store with one positively jam-packed Point of Sale and Inventory Control Solution that includes full Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Open to Buy and General Ledger modules.

Winsale is developed specifically for the Shoe and Apparel retailer and is designed for the beginning computer user, not the computer expert. At the same time Winsale does not compromise on power. The power to report on any aspect of your data. The power to show you trends, the power to help you plan your purchases with confidence. Winsale is an extremely powerful tool that lets you concentrate on running your business more efficiently without struggling with the intricacies of the computer itself.

When you invest in Winsale you are hiring an employee that doesn'tít take vacations, lunch, breaks, and never calls in sick, all for only pennies a day. Like any good employee Winsale will make you money. Winsale's focus is to give you more insight into your business than you ever thought possible.

Magnum Software's focus is on customer satisfaction through both software development and technical support. We have the technical and sales personnel dedicated to supporting your needs through the transition to our programs, and during your daily business activities.

With thousands of systems throughout the United States and several countries, our software is constantly tested by retailers like yourself and has proven to be one of the most flexible and easy to use systems on the Market today, allowing you to adapt the program to your business instead of changing your business to suit the software!

Multiple locations are a snap to monitor & maintain using the latest internet technology for store to store communications.

WinSale allows you to customize the system to the way that you do business. All information in WinSale can be searched and printed in a variety of formats to serve the needs of your store, including customizable spreadsheets! YOU control the system....the system does not control you!

Because Magnum Software focuses on primarily one product, we have devoted our time to creating a software package that is second to none.

Contact Information
Phone: 843-423-3010

Company founded

Software installs

Size of businesses targeted
Tier5 - Shrink Wrap Market: Retailers that choose software in this category usually range in size of 1 to 20 employees with annual revenue of $0 to $3 million. POS software packages in this tier will cost around $200 to $1,500 for 1 to 5 computer users. The training and implementation of the software is generally done in-house - to keep costs down. You can often find these systems bundled with hardware and sold on the internet.

Geographic locations supported
United States

Operating platforms supported

Training offered
On-site training
Classroom training
Telephone training
Computer based training (CBT)

Database(s) supported
Pervasive SQL

Breakdown of the Key Features Supported for Winsale Winsale

* The information for this product was last updated on 7/27/2008.

Point of Sale (POS)
Bar code scanning at the POS
Integrated credit card processing/authorization from the POS
Ability to issue, track, and redeem gift certificates from the POS
Customer loyalty card support (ability to swipe and authorize loyalty cards at POS)
Frequent buyer program support (ability to track points for each customer)
Issue, track, and redeem gift cards at POS
Create, track, and view quotes from POS
Integrated gift registry system  
Create work orders (repair/service orders)
Create and track customers (name, address, email, etc)
Track and calculate commissions for each sales person
Marketing promotion & advertising campaign tracking (track promotions at the POS so you can tell which ads pull the best)
Integrated (built in) purchasing
Track inventory by category/classification
Track inventory by department
Track inventory by matrix or color/size tables (at least 250 tables)
Track inventory by serial number  
Support kits (allows you to group products together and sell them all at once)
Handle gasoline pricing (to 3 decimal places)  
Consignment inventory tracking  
Handle special order tracking
Automatic purchase order generation based on order levels
Interface to a 3rd party Open to Buy Planning application  
Integrated (built in) Open to Buy Planning module
Accounting & Bookkeeping
eCommerce / Shopping Cart Interface
Restaurant Industry Features

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