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"FREE Report & Newsletter - Discover How to Get the Most from Retail Technology and Grow Your Business"
The POS Tips Newsletter - Just for signing up to our newsletter, you'll instantly receive a free 25 page report with tips about choosing a POS system and getting the most from your software. Then every month you'll get extremely valuable articles filled with tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the most from retail technology, boosting profits, and growing your business. This is our most popular and highly acclaimed product -- and best of all, it's free!

"FREE Discussion Forum - Get Your Retail Technology Questions Answered and Inside Information from Industry Experts"
This is a great place to post questions, get opinions, get advice, read discussions, and get information about retail technology and POS software.

"Learn How to Choose the BEST Retail POS Software for Your Business and Avoid Mistakes"
The POS Software Buyers Guide - This will help you find the BEST POS software that will give you the biggest boost in efficiency and profits, guaranteed. If you're even thinking about choosing a POS system, then you absolutely need to check this out before doing anything! This step-by-step buyers guide takes you through the entire selection process and includes extremely helpful tips, tools, software reviews, searchable list of POS systems, templates, feature check lists, and much more. This is a must have for anyone choosing POS or retail management software.

"NEW POS Software Comparison Chart - Slash the time it takes to choose a POS system and discover which software will give you the biggest boost in productivity"
The POS Software Comparison Chart - Introducing a new companion to our best selling "POS Software Buyers Guide". This new comparison chart includes a detailed 459 criteria comparison of 18 top point of sale systems in the retail industry. This is sold separately because it does NOT apply to all types of businesses. But it could save you a HUGE amount of time. So be sure to check it out and see if it applies to your business.

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