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Furniture POS Software Buyers Guide

Need help choosing the right POS software for your furniture store?

If you've done any research then you've probably realized there are hundreds of software choices and it's nearly impossible logically to sort through all your options.

Don't believe me?

Just do a quick search on Google for POS Software. You see links to thousands of solutions. So how do you logically narrow things down and figure out which POS software package is best for your furniture business?

Before showing you exactly how to narrow things down, I have some practical suggestions for you...

First of all, you should choose POS software that has been designed for your industry. Sure lots of POS systems will work, but do you really want something that was designed for a clothing store? Or something designed for a book store?

Of course not.

Your software sales rep might not volunteer this information, but most POS systems have been developed to accommodate a certain vertical market. That's how most software companies get started, then they slowly try to fit everyone else too and broaden their market.

In addition, you'll want to pick a software program that has plenty of users in your industry (furniture stores).


The answer is simple. This gives you leverage.

If a new feature comes out specific to the furniture industry (for example a new electronically ordering spec becomes widely adopted), do you think you're software company will add the feature if only a few furniture stores use their software? Probably not!

But if perhaps 25% of your POS software companies user base is composed of furniture stores, and all those furniture stores scream for this new features... Do you think the software company will make the enhancement? You never know for sure but your chances are MUCH higher!

Quickly Narrowing Down Your Choices

To help you narrow things down, we have a searchable list of POS software systems for the furniture industry. Just select your type of business and desired features. Then in seconds you'll have a list of POS systems that match your criteria. It's a huge time saver.

In the Buyers Guide you'll find:
  • Information about 104 furniture software POS systems.

  • Software reviews from actual consumers using the software.

  • Comparison charts that allow you to compare furniture POS software side-by-side.

  • Dozens of tips and software buying advice from industry experts.

  • And more...

To learn more about the POS Software Buyers Guide click here.

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